The Gas Holes are a 6 piece rock band out of upstate South Carolina. We focus totally on playing music that mesmerizes our audiences. Our song selection stands out to all and is matched by none. Few songs we play will be heard from other bands, this is another thing that makes people remember us. The Gas Holes practice frequently to enable us to perform at our full potential and make this happen. The Gas Holes can't use substitute musicians because we are a product, our songs can't be played without a lot of work. We practice vigorously seperately to learn our parts listening to the songs over and over to implant them in our heads the way they are supposed to sound. Then we get together as a group to make the product. We can't play without all 6 members because it is so finely tuned. We are very proud that we always have a great crowd and keep our audiences throughout our shows.

In this day and time, new classic rock music has become almost non existent. The youngest kids now are adhering to the music of the 60s-the 80s because there really isn't anything new that compares to that era. These days Country music is trying to be rock music. When the music The Gas Holes play came out it was deemed for the younger generation. Today the younger generation back then is the older generation now. Add that to the appeal it has to the kids of today the music we play has become timeless and a sure pleaser for every age group. If you are planning a party, a class reunion, or a wedding The Gas Holes are your best bet for Classic Rock Music.

We do not play the normal 45 minute set with 15 minute breaks, we play two 90 minute sets to keep the party alive and it works. Time between songs is always kept to a minimum, no lulls on stage.

For promo we do not use CDs. CDs can be enhanced with extra parts or musicians etc. so what you hear may not be what you get. We use live videos of gigs, this way what you see is what you get. With videos you not only see what the band actually does but what size our audiences are and how they react to our product. If you want rock music and the cream of the crop musicians The Gas Holes are the band for you..